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This page informs you on the contents of Waltpolitik (Waltpolitics). The name of this homepage is a pun. It means a mixture of my first name and the German word Weltpolitik (world politics).
Sorry, but all links lead to pages in German only.
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What is Waltpolitics about? Well, it is a compilation of the broadcasts by Walter Kuhl on non–profit community radio station Radio Darmstadt.

There are the following sections:

Broadcasts on the relationship between capital and crime. Sure, capitalism is a crime. And exactly this is the theme of my broadcasts. Sometimes I analyzed a certain relationship between crime as ideology and crime as a phantom. This series called Phantomverbrechen (phantom crime) was maybe one of my best ideas.

A very interesting link exists between capitalism and football (soccer). To understand this phenomenon I took some reflections on it while the German team was on its way to the 2002 Championships final without playing football. These reflections led me to a very special Hall of Fame where I entered people who hindered German teams to be successful.

Broadcasts on history to understand who we are and to find the roots of this global society.

What's going on in Israel and Palestine? This question led me to some broadcasts and clock radio contributions in which I tried to find some answers. More you may find on my special Israel and Palestine site.

Another war has been forgotton in the shade of September 11 so called anti-terrorism warfare. In Chechnya Putin's army is out of control and Chancellor Schroeder and his guys back him.

Some times I take a view on Algeria – the country and its people, the violence and culture (literature, music).

Israel, Palestine, Chechnya, Algeria, Phantom Crimes and Football (Soccer) are themes of my specials.

Broadcasts of my series Tinderbox. With a little help by Siouxsie and the Banshees and The Creatures I try to find a way to understand capitalism and its consequences better – not only by hard facts, but by a psychological view, too.

Small contributions to the Clock Radio (morning show) of Radio Darmstadt.

A lot of my manuscripts may be found on various pages, such as the Tinderbox series, the history and capital–crime broadcasts and Clock Radio contributions.

An online synopsis of all my manuscripts is available. Another synopsis of some of my publications you may also find on this site. Some of them are:

A complete list of my book reviews you may find on a large extra page, but these are reviews of German books only.

More of the intentions of editorial department Alltag und Geschichte (everyday and history) you may find on their website.

I hope I could give you some hints about the project Waltpolitics. If not feel free to send me a mail to



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